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Korowai 2023

AS91936 Korowai is comprised of 3 Internal assessment tasks derived from Maori patterns. This resource has been adapted to align with the 2023 NCEA curriculum framework, and ties in the key competencies, significant learning and big ideas.


Sequence 1: Kowhaiwhai patterns: Choreography uses repetition, reflection, translation, and rotation to create a repeating pattern.


Sequence 2: Whiri Kawe patterns: Choreography uses 3 strands feeding into the centre to create a repeating pattern.


Sequence 3: Raranga patterns: Choreography uses warp and weft threads that cross over and under to create a repeating grid pattern.

Korowai 2023

    • Unit plan
    • Teacher guidelines
    • Assessment Rubric
    • Resource pack
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